About us

School of Energy Efficiency -

is a non-governmental organization established to promote the development of sustainable energy infrastructure in Ukrainian cities through the use of local energy efficiency and renewable energy potential and the care for the environment.

Purpose and main tasks


to increase the institutional capacity of cities in the field of sustainable energy infrastructure development through the development of energy efficiency and the implementation of clean energy projects.


to assist cities in implementing municipal energy management systems – a prerequisite and reliable basis for reducing energy consumption in budgetary institutions by improving energy efficiency.


participate in the creation of regional centers for training energy managers, promotion of energy efficiency and renewable energy, development of training programs on energy efficiency in secondary schools.

Our Team

Members of the Board

Viacheslav Lisovyk

Alexander Mazurchak

Michael Fadeev

Evgenij Inshekov


Vladimir Udovichenko

Anna Shatkovskaya

Andrey Lisovyk

Victoria Pogorelova

Vadim Litvin

Dmitry Marusich


NGO “School of Energy Efficiency”

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