Attention contest!

Good day to feel like a TV journalist and create a story about your home!

The school year has begun, but teaching has not yet captured all our thoughts and all the time. We offer high school students and students a few days to dive into journalistic investigations to understand the topic of energy efficiency and tell their parents and across the country how to provide heat in the home, how to save heat on high-rise buildings, and how collective decisions are made by residents.

These three topics are the three nominations for the Warm Up in My Home competition, organized by STB, Novy, ICTV, with the support of the World Bank’s IFC program “Energy Efficiency in Ukraine’s Housing”.

All conditions and an example of the competition work can be found at By November 1, 2015, the organizing committee is expecting young people to make small videos on one of the above topics.

On August 31, the My Home: Three Main Steps to Heat and Savings webinar was held for competition participants and journalists writing on energy efficiency. Vyacheslav Lesovyk, Chairman of the Board of the NGO “School of Energy Efficiency”, simply and concisely revealed the topics of the contest “Warmth in My Home. Secret Materials “(see the video here And one of the contestants – Arthur Anopolsky – who has already shot his story, told how he was preparing, shooting and post-production of his story (see the video here

All who participate in the competition will receive a Diploma in the contest “Heat in my house”, which will be agreed in a future career. There will also be special prizes – flash drives, T-shirts, and more. The absolute winner in each of the three nominations awaits the Grand Prix of choice – either immersion for two weeks for the backstage of the big television, the “kitchen” of popular television projects (the trip is fully paid by the organizers), or a cash reward (from 7 to 21 thousand hryvnias for the winner command). It’s time to understand the topic of energy efficiency!

This knowledge, as well as the impression of the prize, is for life!

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