GIZ Facilitate Management Trainings for Higher Education Institutions

31/07 - 02/07 and 14/07 - 16/07/2019 two 3-day Facility Management trainings were held within the GIZ project "Energy Efficiency Reforms in Ukraine" for two groups of representatives from 19 universities .

The purpose of the training is to educate university specialists, whose functional responsibilities include the maintenance of buildings, engineering systems and equipment, energy efficient building management, which will reduce energy consumption, save costs and create comfortable conditions for study and work.

Speakers of the training: experts Vadim Litvin, Sergey Naskalny, Victoria Pogorelov, Sergey Garashchuk, as well as technical consultants: Alexander Gut (Danfoss), Alexei Bilenko (Rehau), Vladimir Voronenko (Henkel).

Thematic blocks of the training program:

  • Introduction to energy management of buildings (facility management) (history, basic terms and concepts, organizational structure).
  • Organizational measures on energy efficiency (energy management, energy monitoring).
    Non-investment measures for energy efficiency (technical and technological operation of buildings, engineering systems and equipment).
  • Energy audit (importance of assessing the existing condition of buildings).
    Investment measures for energy efficiency (modernization of heating, lighting, ventilation, replacement of translucent structures, insulation of facades, roof, floor and plinth).
  • Economic management of buildings (operating costs, benchmarking, steel purchases, energy contracts and utilities).
  • Financial and economic aspects of energy efficiency improvement.

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