GIZ training program for CEB representatives

On December 5 and 7, 2018, within the framework of the GIZ project “Reforms in the field of energy efficiency in Ukraine”, the first module of the training program “Enhancing the capacity of national institutions to effectively implement the process of energy efficiency reforms” was conducted for the first two groups.

The main purpose of the Training Program is to raise awareness among central government officials of implementing energy management and energy monitoring systems, efficient operation of state-owned institutions, to ensure rational use of energy, which in turn will facilitate further dissemination of lessons learned and practices.

The main objective of the training program is to create an effective structure in the CEB, which is able to collect and analyze information on energy saving potential, to plan technical and organizational decisions, to efficiently operate the facilities maintained at the expense of budgetary funds.

Further implementation of energy efficiency measures, reduction of energy consumption and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the buildings of state bodies will allow to use the leading role of the central executive authorities and to expand the experience gained in energy efficient operation of buildings, rational consumption of energy resources, use of renewable energy sources, use of renewable sources.

Since the training took place at the Energy Efficiency Management Center, the participants had the opportunity not only to discuss with coaches Pogorelov Victoria and Dmitry Marusich, but also to get acquainted with real models of systems and equipment for implementing energy efficiency measures.

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