How, where and for how long can you upgrade your home?

According to National Reform Council polls, nearly one-third of Ukrainians have done no work to improve energy efficiency in housing. At the same time, 62% of them plan to do so. This figure is quite predictable, as tariffs have more than doubled in the last few years. At the same time, most respondents are not ready to start upgrading without financial assistance. In this case, there are two ways: to go to the state or international financial institutions. So, how, where and for how long can you upgrade your home?

Where to get money

There are several state and non-governmental programs in Ukraine that will provide financial assistance and advice.

The most famous state program – “Warm credits”. It started in October 2014 and shows good results. “The average payback on projects is 24
The state offers three financial products that differ in loan amount, terms and conditions of credit. Citizens are reimbursed up to 40% of the loan body (subsidies up to 70%). Together with Warm Credits, local programs work.

If your imagination and financial resources are limited, you can seek help from the IQenergy project and try alternative energy sources.
The IQenergy project has been implementing the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development since June 2016. He has already issued more than 200 loans for more than 4 million UAH. For the most part, Ukrainians borrowed UAH 20,000 at 19.99% per annum.

After receiving the loan, you can apply to the partner banks of the program – Ukrsibbank, OTP Bank and Megabank – and receive promotional payments: up to 20% of the total investment cost for individuals and up to 35% for condominiums.

It should be borne in mind that the EBRD cannot impose conditions on lending to participating banks, so they are different in different financial institutions.

How to upgrade

The residents of the private homes were fortunate, because the complex measures in the high-rise building required the consent of two-thirds of the residents. Citizens living in apartments will have to get involved with the support of neighbors.

If the latter is not successful, you should not rush to do something alone. Warming the walls of one separate apartment causes a temperature difference in the wall of the building, which will enhance physical processes and shorten its life.

To participate in the state program, it is necessary to pay debts for utility services, otherwise no compensation will be given. Energy audit is also required. Thanks to it, it is possible to determine how much and where energy is lost and what measures should be taken.

You can either invite an expert or use the IQenergy Energy Efficiency Calculator service. It is possible to calculate energy losses and potential savings on your own, but it is unlikely to work out a plan of action.

If it is decided to use financial assistance, both projects will assist in the execution of the work. They will provide a list of certified equipment companies and advise materials. For example, there are more than 400 companies in the IQenergy list of companies, 2 250 in the equipment.

What to expect effect

Not to speak abstractly, you can consider the experience of project participants. For the most part, they chose wall insulation, replacement of windows, boilers or radiators.
According to a survey of borrowers of “warm loans”, almost all of them were satisfied with the results, 70% achieved savings, and 80% felt an increase in comfort. It is noteworthy that the prices for modernized property increased by an average of 25%. Not surprisingly, 95% of participants expressed a desire to borrow again.

“We started our own warming in 2012. However, we need to buy a fur coat as a whole, and not to finish the sleeves then, so I persuaded the owners to take out a loan. It sounds like a” loan “, although it really is a help.

In March we delivered an individual heat point – ITP. For ten days of work the savings were 20%, we have 60-70% compensation for the installation of ITP.
Kharkiv residents cost UAH 30 per square meter, us – 12. The owners come and say that they finally live in a warm house. For the first time in 20 years, “- says Yulia Samoilova, Chairman of the Board of ACMB” Alma Mater “.

“We have been working on the project for a year. We have been taking the loan for five years, but we are already paying it back. We replaced the windows and the heat meter, upgraded the lighting. Chairman of the Board of ACMB Beregynya, Lviv, Oleksandra Slobodyanko.

It is possible without a loan

Even if favorable credit conditions do not encourage investment in energy modernization, it is worth learning to save.

Most people do not know that the kitchen can not be placed on the stove next to the refrigerator. If the temperature around the latter exceeds 30 degrees, it will start consuming twice as much electricity.

Household appliances are often chosen inadvertently, although it can save up to 70% of electricity. It is possible to recognize such by the class of energy consumption: at purchase it is necessary to choose the technique with the A + index and above.

There are many such little things. Ukrainians must learn to live frugally. This will save money and increase comfort.