Successful launch of the Certified Energy Managers Training Program

Dear friends and colleagues, We are pleased to announce the successful start of the training program for Certified Energy Management Specialists for Local Authorities!
The purpose of the program is to prepare at least one highly qualified energy manager for each city of Ukraine by the end of the year.
The first group includes energy managers from 14 cities in six regions of Ukraine.

Collaboration with the Institute of Energy Saving and Energy Management of NTUU “KPI”

Dear friends, colleagues and guests of our energy efficient community! We would like to inform you that our organization and the Institute of Energy Saving and Energy Management of NTUU “KPI” have joined forces to undertake joint activities in the field of energy efficiency and energy saving by signing a Memorandum of Cooperation on December 18 (link to the Memorandum).

The finale of the contest “Warm in My Home”

Finally, the finale of the Warm Up in My Home competition, hosted by STB, Novy, ICTV, was supported by the World Bank’s IFC program “Energy Efficiency in Ukraine’s Housing”.
The awarding of the winners took place on December 19 in Kiev.
In total, several dozen boys and girls from all over Ukraine took part in the competition. All of them have shown remarkable abilities: they were able not only to understand the complex topic – energy efficiency, but also to make a small film. And I must say, they did it in a talented and inspired way.


We live in a time of epochal change. The state has taken the course of decentralization, reform of local self-government bodies and territorial organization of government.
It was to the aid of the newly elected mayors of the All-Ukrainian Public Association “Club of Mayors” that the “GOOD GOVERNANCE SCHOOL” was opened and an Expert Council was formed, comprising state officials, heads of state, private institutions and scientific institutions. Members of the board of NGO “School of Energy Efficiency” Iryna Zapatrina and Vyacheslav Lisovik were invited to join the Expert Council.

Collaboration with UNDP in the context of implementation of new projects

The UNDP continues to work on building Ukraine’s capacity, in particular in the areas of sustainable development, the environment and energy, and aims to launch a number of new energy efficiency projects for the national economy. This was reported by the Head of the Energy and Environment Division of the UNDP, Sergei Volkov, during a meeting with representatives of the NGO School of Energy Efficiency.

Joining forces with the Swiss Cooperation Office

The Chairman of the Board of the NGO “School of Energy Efficiency” and the Coordinator of Sustainable Use of Energy Resources of the Swiss Cooperation Office Anna Kuznetsova discussed possible ways of cooperation in the field of energy efficiency.

Towards Sustainable Development and Energy Efficiency with USAID

Insufficient level of professional qualification of the energy managers of the municipalities, or lack thereof, is one of the main barriers that prevents Ukrainian cities from successfully moving towards sustainable development and energy efficiency. Representatives of NGO “School of Energy Efficiency” and the US Agency for International Affairs discussed issues regarding the need to increase the level of professional training of relevant specialists to further improve the functioning of energy management systems in cities, including by attracting resources provided by international technical assistance projects. Development (USAID).

NGO “School of Energy Efficiency”

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