How, where and for how long can you upgrade your home?

According to National Reform Council polls, nearly one-third of Ukrainians have done no work to improve energy efficiency in housing. At the same time, 62% of them plan to do so. This figure is quite predictable, as tariffs have more than doubled in the last few years.
At the same time, most respondents are not ready to start upgrading without financial assistance.
In this case, there are two ways: to go to the state or international financial institutions.
So, how, where and for how long can you upgrade your home?

About subsidies

Most Ukrainian families can receive state aid – a subsidy – if their utility costs exceed an average of 15% of their monthly income. The government will pay for every citizen.

About warm credits

The Government is continuing its energy efficiency course by expanding its list of programs to support the home’s thermal modernization.

The 1st All-Ukrainian Conference “Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving in Educational Institutions: New Challenges and Opportunities”

To date, the problem of inefficient use of energy resources in the educational sphere of Ukraine is quite acute, which in turn leads to the impossibility of providing proper comfort conditions in educational institutions with excessive energy expenditures from local budgets. Therefore, a prerequisite for reducing the energy consumption of educational buildings is the involvement of representatives of the education, science departments of the local, district and state levels, as well as heads of educational institutions, in the movement in the field of energy efficiency and energy conservation.

Meeting in Minregionbud

On September 7, 2015, the First Deputy Minister of Ukraine V.Negoda and representatives of the NGO “School of Energy Efficiency” I. Zapatrina and V.Lisovik met at the Ministry of Regional Development, Construction and Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine.

NGO “School of Energy Efficiency”

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