Energy Innovation Hub Project

Energy Innovation Hub - a platform to train qualified specialists in the field of energy efficiency

The project is implemented as part of the “Professional Qualification component” of the “Energy Efficiency Reform in Ukraine” Project implemented by Deutsche Geselschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH and funded by the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development of Germany (BMZ).

Organizer and performer – NGO “School of Energy Efficiency”.

Dates: September 2019 – June 2020

The purpose


To set up Energy-Innovation Hubs as platforms for interaction between representatives from businesses, higher educational institutions, vocational educational institutions, general secondary educational institutions in order to create a state-of-the-art model for training qualified specialists in the field of energy efficiency.

Main task


To initiate based on EnInhub an innovative model of cooperation between project target audiences for the purpose of training qualified specialists in the field of EE.

Target audiences


Students and teachers of higher education institutions

students and teachers of vocational education institutions

pupils and teachers of secondary schools

business representatives

HUBs location


M. Beketov Kharkiv National University of Urban Economy

Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University

Prydniprovska State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture

Energy Innovation Hubs

The first step to achieve the goal and tasks of the Project was the selection among 8 higher educational institutions of Ukraine of 3 universities for the creation of EnInHubs.

Based on the results of competitive selection three motivated universities in various regions of Ukraine were selected. This allowed to reach a maximum target audience and ensured favorable conditions for the future operation of each EnInHub.

As part of the project, each Hub was equipped with demonstration and laboratory equipment.

Follow the links below to travel and view the contents of each EnInHub in 3D tours:

  1. Dnipro Prydniprovska State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture 
  2. Kharkiv –  M. Beketov Kharkiv National University of Urban Economy
  3. Chernivtsi

Kick-off conferences

Four starting conferences were held with the involvement of all target groups and stakeholders: in Kyiv and on the basis of each winning university.

As part of the preparation of the planned project activities, the organizers developed a corporate style of the project. A group of graphic design experts offered a number of branded products that each participant of the conference received.

Technical support from GIZ

To create the energy innovation space for the education, cooperation, experience exchange, demonstration and promotion of EE, renewable energy and environment protection, “Energy Efficiency Reform in Ukraine” Project which is implemented by the Deutsche Geselschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH and funded by the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development of Germany (BMZ), provided technical support in setting up EnInHubs. This includes:

— The development and implementation of training courses for universities and vocational educational institutions.

— The procurement of demo and lab equipment from GIZ.

— The integration of “Climate Drops” Mobile App.

— The installation of “Smart Energy” energy modeling technology.


To demonstrate students, academia, local business, representatives of authorities, international institutions unique prospects of EnInHub development in their regions and enable them to determine the most interesting strategic areas of EnInHub activities, the Ukraine-wide hackathon was held in March 2020.

The event was held in the format of the online conference – simultaneously among all teams from three universities.

Teams prepared presentations of each participant and their EnInHubs in video clips during the demonstration of the home task.

Each team developed and presented its strategy of EnInHub development for three years which was then assessed using pre-determined criteria.

“KPI” (Dnipro) team – as a winner, received financial support (UAH 50 000) to implement ideas to be introduced in Dnipro EnInHub.

Most Popular Group Photo Contest

Online events

Due to the quarantine measures scheduled events were moved to the online format. For us, this was not only a challenge, but also opened new opportunities: it allowed to attract a wider audience, to hold events simultaneously for all universities, to improve communication between all participants.

Thanks to the coordinated cooperation of the parties, all the planned goals and objectives of the project were realized in full and with additional bonuses.

To attract more participants to the project activities and to the field of energy efficiency in general, 11 different competitions were held, the winners of which received valuable gifts: power banks, eco-bags, thermo cups and branded T-shirts.

As part of the EnInHab project, we conducted 6 webinars with vendors for students and teachers of vocational schools and specialized universities.

In order to highlight current trends in the development of professional standards, understanding the mechanisms of creation and accreditation of qualified centers, 2 career guidance webinars were held for representatives of EnInHubs, representatives of local authorities and local businesses.

A total of 24 videos were prepared with opinion leaders, ministry representatives, vendors, and EnInHab leaders.

Final EnInHub Project conference

At the final conference the results of the Project activities were summarized. The conference was attended by donor organizations, organizers, Hackathon teams, representatives of local governments.

Webinar recordings are freely available at:

Google Podcasts

Apple Podcasts

Read more about the activities and results of the project in the Project Report.
Iryna Yuryeva
“Our Project’s qualitative and quantitative indicators impress with their effectiveness. At times, we even worked more than it was needed. The establishment of EnInHubs has become our common achievement. We all did a very good job!”
Nataliya Yuklievska (Kharkiv)
“Now, energy efficiency is a part of my life. I am grateful for the activity that gave us the new movement, a new charge for our educational institution. Distance learning opened incredible possibilities, expanded our horizons. We had an opportunity to join truly meaningful activities undertaken by well-known companies. In two years, we opened three modern educational and practical centers that help train highly qualified construction specialists. The industry of construction materials must work on energy efficiency issues. We hope that this will be a powerful movement in Ukraine. I am happy that the Project managed to unite us with western Ukraine, we are very pleased about our friendly relations with Dnipro. Together, we can cope with everything!”
Yehor Surzhko (Kharkiv)
“For me, it is very important to participate in such projects. Here, you can have nice communication and spend a great time with likeminded people. It is an interesting task that gives you pleasure and lets you always learn something new and important. After the Hackathon, I shared the gained knowledge with my friends and family, they supported my belief that everything is extremely important and needs development. Communication with the hackathon team participants allowed me to spend time with use during the quarantine, it just saved me. Many thanks!”
Liza (Kharkiv)
“I would like to show my gratitude for an important project. We are a strong and tightknit team that generates many important ideas. I dream for all EnInHubs to develop. I am all for the development of new projects; they should multiply across Ukraine.”
Yevhen Voloshchuk (pupil)
“Participation in the hackathon is invaluable as it helped to determine my life path. I believe the future belongs to cutting-edge technologies. I hope that the experience gained will help me make people’s lives better and preserve natural resources. I am convinced that we all must start with OURSELVES and participate in such important projects. Their implementation will allow us to make a significant contribution to the development of our city and the country in general. With all my heart I would like to thank all organizers, in particular, GIZ and the “School of Energy Efficiency”
Mariya Porchuk (Chernivtsi)
“We dreamt of a communicative platform that would unite businesses, the authorities, universities, vocational educational institutions and schools. It is important that EnInHubs helped us raise the level and relevance of education in the field of EE. Our dream was to unite business and education, inform the community and teach citizens energy efficiency. We are sincerely grateful for the Project!”
Anna Bodnar (Chernivtsi)
“I would like to join previous speakers from all our partner cities. You made a step that only a few people can do. You created an internationallevel project, involved us all in it. You did not get lost and did not stop in the face of a pandemic, instead, you strengthened your help. Your experience, your education is unrivalled. This act deserves respect not just from our university, but from the entire country too. I am proud that I had an opportunity to cooperate with you and become an active participant of your Project.”
Ihor Fodchuk (Chernivtsi)
"The Project helped us get new friends and new partners. EnInHub is an extremely important event for our university. We have seen a lot of interesting things during tours to our partners’ EnInHubs in Kharkiv and Chernivtsi. GIZ greatly expanded our possibilities. We like hackathon that opened new possibilities and the chance to apply modern technologies. We are proud of our business partners - “Constructor” EnInHub - and we feel enormous support for our youth. We are ready to continue working on developing our EnInHub. We could feel considerable support form GIZ and the School of Energy Efficiency at each stage of Project implementation for which we are especially grateful.”
Kseniya Pryhornytska (Dnipro)
“This Project gave me many friends, unforgettable emotions. Different people revealed themselves in various ways. Hackathon and EnInHub give an important incentive for me as a future energy auditor. I am absolutely grateful that my academic activities will be based on substantial research that I can conduct using the equipment at our EnInHub. These will be actual, rather than fictitious data.Thank you. For me and my academy, it is a great joy to be part of the Project!”
Oleksandr Holovko (Dnipro)
“EnInHubs received lots of quality modern equipment. This increases the exclusive and practical nature of knowledge about the EE. We are very grateful to European companies developing quality educational products. This project unites youth, allows to establish close relations with foreign partners. EnInHub can become an anchor in the stormy sea of challenges and a lighthouse in the EE sector.”

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