to the energy manager

Energy Manager's Guide

This guide is aimed at central decision-makers and is focused on further development and deepening of the energy efficiency knowledge gained. The Authority’s management will find effective tools for cost savings and transparent budget forecasting.

It is based on the knowledge, experience and examples of leading experts in the field. The results of the discussions and the recommendations of the conducted exercises within the framework of the project “Reforms in the field of energy efficiency in Ukraine” are taken into account. The process of implementation of energy management in the central executive bodies is explained, the activities of the energy manager and the prerequisites for ensuring the systematic implementation of energy efficiency measures are outlined.

The authors hope that this guide will become a guide in the development of strategic documents on energy policy, implementation of organizational and technical measures by central executive authorities. It will allow them to develop their own energy efficiency policies that will contribute to sustainable development and reduce the negative impact on the environment through the inefficient use of energy resources in public buildings.